New Cases Will not be Accepted before Aug. 1st.

  $799  most Chapter 7's 
$499 & Up

Bankruptcy Attorney

"ARAG Legal Plan Approved"

455 Capitol Mall

Sacramento, Ca 95814
Suite 330A
(916) 409-6600

  Near East Roseville at:
6440 Carolinda Drive
Granite Bay, CA  95746

Phone Hours, Usually 
9:00 AM to 7:00 PM


alternate Ph. & Text to
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Foreclosure Chapter 13's Accepted
ATM cards accepted, Credit Cards From 3rd Parties Accepted, Some Creditor Representation Accepted

 RICHARD JARE, Attorney #109331 (year 1983),       Sacramento & Modesto & Stockton & Oakland & San Jose & Santa Rosa Area Experience

LLM, Master of Law Degree in Business & Taxation, & General Building Contractor #1036994

FREE CONSULTATION if you intend to file a "NEW" Bankruptcy Case


Chapter 13 is nearly perfect for IRS, Franchise Tax Board problems.
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Accepting ARAG Legal Services Plan Cases.  Few other ARAG attorney in Northern CA has as much Chapter 13 Experience.  Also Accepting "U.S. Legal Services" Legal Plan Cases

Chapter 13  $499+ & up to Obtain a Case Number.
($1,199 minimum down if you are retaining property which is in foreclosure (With Mortgage Delinquency)) 
(PLUS the Chapter 13 trustee will disburse standard attorney fees ($4000 to $6000 grand total)

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, full service $799     

A recent change is that the $799 full service Chapter 7 advertised price no longer applies to Complex or High income cases.  Such cases were previously covered by the lowest advertised price because I am currently getting way too many of these time consuming cases to be able to offer an ultra low price on those cases.  ALSO, payment card processing fees & credit report expenses may apply in some cases. 
Availability for Chapter 11 debtor or creditor representation considered on a case by case basis.
  2nd Mortgage Lienstrip Experience going way back to 1998 !

          "Deal with Student Loan Defaults & Repossession Risks and
                 Delinquent Income Taxes in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy"

     Free Initial Consultation & the Small Office Advantage 

Hurry, this is the LAST CALL for 2nd Mortgage Lienstrips, 

Home values are rising again.  If you wait too long, a lienstrip will not be possible. 

For either a Chapter 7 Straight Bankruptcy, or
Chapter 13  repayment plan to repay Back Taxes, control Foreclosure, control Garnishment, stop wage levy, Extinguish Second Mortgages, control IRS collection. 

Deal with an experienced attorney, not a Bankruptcy Salesperson.

FAST SERVICE, Get filed Very Quickly

Avoid frustration, get this bankruptcy done right now. Avoid the lengthy 6 month payment plan for high fees required by other bankruptcy lawyers.

Effective Representation

I understand difficult issues in bankruptcies. 
If an
innovative bankruptcy solution to your financial problems exists, trust me to find it.

Northern California Location

The Northern end of the Central Valley is "Sacramento Division" for bankruptcy purposes.
If you live in Sacramento County, Yolo County, Solano County, Placer County, Eldorado County, Nevada County, Yuba County, Sutter County, Most of San Joaquin County, then you case is convenient for me to handle as your federal bankruptcy court assignment will be Downtown Sacramento..

Great Pricing,  I'm Here to help you. $499+.

As little as $499 down, if that is all that you can afford to pay, can get you immediate protection under Chapter 13.  
$499 to actually get Filed!  
(Initial fee is higher for foreclosure control cases and active businesses ($1,199 minimum down payment if retaining a residence with mortgage delinquency & the Chapter 13 trustee will disburse standard attorney fees.)

: Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer
: Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney
: Roseville Bankruptcy Lawyer

: Roseville Bankruptcy Attorney

Business Representation

I understand business bankruptcies.  Being licensed as a General Building Contractor since 1979 (currently #1036994 (expired #382387 formerly) allows me to understand how most business organizations operate and gives me an in depth perspective into Real Estate matters.  This allows me to develop your Business Bankruptcy Documents without wasting your time, without unnecessary questions, and minimum document gathering on your part. 


9 years as Managing Chapter 13 attorney for one of the largest Bankruptcy filers in Northern California, the Sacramento area  AMERICAN LAW CENTER, PC   

Great Chapter 7  Pricing,  I'm Here to help you. $799+.

$799 for most non-business Chapter 7 cases. 

If your Chapter 7 is business oriented then the fee variation is wider, from $799 to $1,199 (if you are self employed).
Court fees $335 to $310 can be paid as late as 30 days after I file your case.  The two Mandatory Counseling certificates will cost you approx. $25 each.
Also Accepting "US Legal Services" Legal Plan Cases

Office located at:

455 Capitol Mall, Suite 330A
 Sacramento, CA  95814

In East Roseville at:
6440 Carolinda Drive
 Granite Bay, CA  95746



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